Dec 2019 Newsletter

Wow, it is finally here. The last month of the year. It is all children's favorite month. 

We will be celebrating Christmas around the world. The first week, we will be talking about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. The following two weeks will be talking about Christmas. We will be making different art projects regarding our themes. 

Songs to be learned by our children:

Christmas freeze dance

Dreidel dreidel dreidel

10 little elves 

Santa, Where are you?

Boom Chicka boom Christmas

Jingle Bells

and etc.


Important dates

12/22-1/1 Winter Break


~Continue to talk at home about using words and gentle hands
~Please make sure your child has at least one WINTER spare outfit in their chubby (labeled)
~Please to bring the water cup home to do deep cleaning on Fridays and bring it back on Mondays. Please do check if there is mold around the inside of the cup. We do wash it daily but I want to make sure I get your support on the cleaning part on the weekend. 

View some of our Nov photos and clips


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